WORK TREE: Pick Your Own Job

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Work Tree: Pick Your Own Job (Book Cover)

Create Your Own Job, and Do What You Love

Are you struggling with unemployment?
Finding a good job can be challenging for anyone, and even more so if you have limited experience, lack reliable transportation, are living with a disability, or face workplace discrimination. Mature workers looking to re-career may find the task daunting. Youth also face a particularly high unemployment rate today.

But you do have options. Employment and adult education expert Catherine Chambers (M.Ed.), created Work Tree: Pick Your Own Job to help you develop your own alternative work strategy.

With this resource at your fingertips, you can stop competing for scarce and hard to find job openings and learn how to:

   • create your own job, 
   • earn income using your natural talents,
   • do work that you love.

Work Tree: Pick Your Own Job is now available in a comprehensive print edition that contains information about 100 alternative occupations. Jobs you can create for yourself right away, instead of waiting for someone else to employ you. You’ll learn about work in fields ranging from administration, health and education to food and creative crafts.  For each occupation, you learn what to expect, how to prepare, and how to get started. Work Tree: Pick Your Own Job is full of practical information, presented in a way that makes it easy to absorb and apply.

The book includes interviews and case studies with real people who are doing the work described, and succeeding. You’ll also have access to regularly updated online resources for each occupation covered.

“For each job opening, Chambers gives you the requirements, the steps and resource links to get started . . . It's all part of Chambers' plot for universal employment.”

- Brian Griffith, self-employed editor and author

Your investment of $28.95 will help you start planning a unique occupation of your own – suited to you, your strengths and your individual situation. Order your personal copy today and start creating your own opportunities.





Career counselors, social workers and related practitioners who would like to share this resource can contact to arrange bulk orders.

“LOVE your new book Work Tree! I just had a chance to use one of the entrepreneurial ideas with one of my clients and I'm just so excited about how you've laid it out so easy and user-friendly including resources to get started! Awesome book Catherine – thank you, thank you!!
- Dawna Kinnunen, Employment Consultant

About the author
Catherine Chambers specializes in alternative work strategies. She has more than 25 years of experience, with an emphasis on adult education, workplace learning, social assistance and employment. Catherine is a former faculty member of the Centennial College Teacher of Adults program and the Bachelor of Adult Education program at Brock University.